The Transition Process

Over the next sixty days, an inclusive group of experts in their field, key stakeholders and Coloradans representing the broad diversity of our state will be helping us prepare to begin turning bold ideas into real results for Colorado.


Our transition plan consists of seven committees, each charged with examining opportunities to improve how state government works and recruit the best talent available to serve the Polis Administration. Each of these seven committees will help build an inclusive team with diverse experiences to bring a broad range of expertise and perspectives to state leadership. These committees and working groups are responsible for helping us find strong leaders to become part of the Polis Administration and, with fresh eyes, examining how state government currently works and how we can improve and streamline government to work better for the people of Colorado. Committees and working groups have a lot of work to accomplish in 60 short days so they will be keeping a busy schedule and hosting meetings across the state.

Visit the Committee page at the link below to learn about the committees and their work or to volunteer to serve on a working group.

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