Jared Polis Elected Governor of Colorado

DENVER — The people of Colorado have elected Jared Polis as their next governor and Dianne Primavera as their next lieutenant governor.


“As governor, I will serve with the Colorado way of life in my heart and on my mind at all times,” Jared Polis said. “And I pledge to serve all Coloradans, no matter your party, no matter who you voted for in this race — because there’s far too much at stake to let politics or partisanship get in the way of building the bright future for our state that every family deserves.”


“I am so fortunate to be inheriting a legacy of growth, success, and bipartisan problem-solving, thanks to the tremendous leadership of Governor John Hickenlooper. Under Governor Hickenlooper, our booming economy has become the envy of the nation. And our mission now is to make that success work for everybody in our state — whether it’s the farmer whose livelihood is in danger due to drought, the young professional whose income isn’t keeping up with their rent, or the parents struggling to pay their health premium on top of the staggering cost of preschool.”


“I know we can reach these goals because I know that here in Colorado, we will never, ever be outworked. We will never be slowed by indecision. We will never be stunted by a lack of imagination. And we will do all of this together. The time is now to unite in our common purpose, rooted in our shared love for our home of Colorado, and confident that what makes us unique isn’t just the boldness of our ideas — it’s the resilience and the spirit of Coloradans, who make change happen, who bring these bold ideas to life.”


“I am humbled beyond words by this opportunity to serve the people of Colorado as their lieutenant governor,” Dianne Primavera said. “To Jared and me, service has never been about political point-scoring. It’s about helping people, about lifting up our communities and fighting for opportunity for every Colorado family.


“Thirty years ago, after my first cancer diagnosis, if you had told me that I’d be serving as lieutenant governor and a grandmother to an energetic little one-year-old, I would have thought you were making a cruel joke. This election is proof that anything is possible, that we can make amazing things happen if we work together and refuse to give up. I cannot wait to begin partnering with Jared and with Coloradans from all walks of life to begin turning our bold, inclusive vision for Colorado into reality.”

Hayley Drapkin